Segmentation Challange – Not demographics, but job the product needs to complete

The Company (B2B technology & business consulting) places increasing emphasis on segmentation, which is a good thing.  Howver much of it is demographic data driven – size, location, industry, size of spend – rather than segementating companies by what they need to get done.

“The fact that you’re 18 to 35 years old with a college degree does not cause you to buy a product,” Christensen says. “It may be correlated with the decision, but it doesn’t cause it. We developed this idea because we wanted to understand what causes us to buy a product, not what’s correlated with it. We realized that the causal mechanism behind a purchase is, ‘Oh, I’ve got a job to be done.’ And it turns out that it’s really effective in allowing a company to build products that people want to buy.”

Clay Christensen’s Milkshake Marketing —
Feb 14, 2011 HBS Working Knowledge


The main reason that the company avoids this at a local level, is that it is hard & expensive and requires collaboration across organisational units.  Hard because it means we need to think about selling to customer in a new way.  Rather than relying on the phone numbers in your Blackberry  to sell what you know, you would need to approach new people.  Expensive because rather than relying in intuition or readily available demographic data, you would need to go donw to a customer level and even individauls within the organisation. Collabroation is required because rather than selling just our consulting, we need to think about what people might want from software or hardware divisions our our business partners.

So laziness and lack of spending money inthe right areas provides the major issue.

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Started MBA

So, I’ve started my MBA and am thinking that that might be the impetus I need to do start writing my bloody blog.

The idea being that I can use it to remember, relfect on and ultimately learn all the stuff I’m learning.

Hopefull the observations will b in line with the mission of this blog (or my mission in general) to make Left Brained people think Right.  Or least be open to Right thoughts.

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Proofiness and Marketing

Just read a times review of Proofiness, The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception by Charles Seife in the Sunday NY Times.  First of all – great review.  Am loving the Times.  Second of all it made me think of marketers trying to talk to “the business”, which really means the sales folks.

In a sales world, numbers obvioulsy rule, and the leadership team feels comfortable with them.  And they demand the same numbers from marketing, so marketing “makes them up”.  In fact, Sales “makes them up too”.  ALthough I do admit that whether you close the deal or not, is fairly binary.

Basically, Proofiness is how one can use numbers to tell the story one wants to tell.  Just think of Enron…

So marketing needs to figure out how to use numbers, tell a compelling story and bring ‘proofiness’ into their story.

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When you seem to be doing things right…

The way of the left brainer is to work in the background a little, today the team stepped into the light. 🙂

Our social meida programme for professional services is resonating and gaining momentum, and it is making a bunch of righties, think left. Well, I hope so.

Big presentation to the board in a couple of weeks… We’ll see!

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So, what’s this about

Working in a large multi-national in marketing & sales let’s you see a lot of unimaginative people.  Not that I’m that amazing, but at least I try to engage my creative side…

On crotchety exec, who thought that marketing was a useful as tits on a bull, pulled me to one side and acknowledged that I “think differently”.  I quickly took it as a compliment.

So this is about stepping right (from the left side of the brain) to think differently about things…

This might be the last post ever… but I hope not.  See you soon

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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